Jessica, known online as @motherbabynursejessica, author of Once Baby’s Here, shares her experience with advocacy when her 50 hour birth center birth sent her to the hospital and how she held her power and made the best decision for her baby.     About Jessica “Hi I’m Jessica! On social media you may know me […]

I see this all the time, moms at 38 weeks reaching out in my DMs because they need advice on an intervention they weren’t expecting. Better to be over prepared than underprepared in this case. So let’s avoid that 38 week reach out and get informed instead! The blood pressure, fluids, ultrasounds, non stress tests, […]

You know how important your birth plan is, but so are these three things! Get out your pen and take down notes for this one, we are covering the plan you need to make for BEFORE you get to the hospital, and planning tips for the two areas most unmedicated birth plans fail.      Episode […]