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I have had three hospital births and I know exactly how hard it can be to birth unmedicated in the hospital. My goal is to educate you on physiological birth, what our bodies are capable of, the risks and benefits of the hospital birth, alternatives to the cascade of interventions, how to advocate for yourself, the unique tools to manage unmedicated birth, and why your body wants you to birth unmedicated. So you can feel empowered, prepared, and confident in your birth plan.

A fierce, tell-it-like-it-is, unapologetic birth educator and coach

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For ambitious moms who want to grow online by creating and launching a digital offer. Learn my method for “doing it all”... a podcast, online offers, email marketing, social media all in 2-3 hours a day while you prioritize your family life.

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A comprehensive birth education program for moms who want to control the controllable, support physiology and feel confident about their birth plan. This is not your average birth education, you’ll have doula support each week, learn advocacy skills, and become learn how to birth your way.

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Are you planning an unmedicated birth? This 30 minute training is going to teach you how to prepare your mind and body for birth. Let’s start your birth prep now… yes, now!


-Helene, second time mom

“All my birth goals were achieved. I didn’t have a saline lock put in. Thank you for creating an amazing course that made this birth possible”

-Tatiana, first time mom

“I labored at home and asked to be checked when I got to the hospital and I was 7 cm! From there it was about a 4 hour labor which was very intense but so worth it when baby arrived.”

-Lauren, first time mom

“This was about so much more than an unmedicated birth. I have felt so empowered through pregnancy and all decisions which is a huge turn around from our fertility journey! The work you do here makes a real difference."

-Mary, homebirth mom & doula

“I witnessed my sister have an incredible, beautiful, undisturbed physiologic birth in the hospital. Before attending her birth I’m not sure I believed it was actually possible.” 

-Audie, mom of four

“I have had two unmedicated births and baby 5 is on the way. I’m a little obsessed about learning more and making each birth better!”

-Brittany, first time mom

“Thank you so much for creating Unmedicated Academy! My husband and I were set up for success, even with a difficult and fast first labor”

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If you want to be the boss of your birth, and feel prepared and confident to do birth your way- this is the place for you. You can take back your birth, control the controllable, and have a better birth. It all starts with a childbirth education thats different than the rest.

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