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I signed up for Unmedicated Academy very early in my pregnancy. I was planning an unmedicated homebirth, but I wanted to be sure I had all the information I needed (hospital/home, medicated/unmedicated).

My birth prep included this course, as well as individual research as I chose my birthing team. My birth did not go as planned and when I say that I’m so thankful for Lizzie and this course, I can’t say it enough. 

I delivered our baby girl on Thursday, via C-section (plot twist). I labored for 36+ hours at home with my team, when things simply took a turn and required a transfer. I decided to get an epidural so that I could rest and make a rational decision based upon this information the OB team was presenting. 

This course allowed me to recognize that my physiological birth just so happened to be a birth that did require medical intervention, however,I made informed decisions and felt autonomous in those choices. Though my experience was not what I envisioned, I’m happy with my decisions and I’m proud of everything I went through to birth our baby. I cannot recommend Lizzie and her course enough.

homebirth transfer

-Laura S.

I cannot think more highly of Lizzie than I do. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, always available for questions and advice. I have learned so much from her the last several months.
Most importantly I have learned to trust myself and my intuition. I have learned to advocate for myself and my choices. There is no judgement from Lizzie about what you choose, only support. I strongly recommend anyone sign up for all of Lizzie's classes and services. I wouldn't be having the birth I want without her support and education.

the best support

-Elizabeth F.

I recommend Lizzie's Unmedicated Academy to all expecting mamas. Lizzie's course gives you evidence based knowledge on all aspects of hospital births so you can weigh the pros and cons of each part of the experience to form the birth plan that is right for you and your baby. Knowledge is power & Lizzie gives you EVERYTHING you need to have a positive birth experience on your terms. I am 41 weeks at the moment and expecting my baby girl's arrival any day now and I have ZERO fears about this process because Unmedicated Academy has given me all the tools and knowledge I need to bring my baby into this world. Thank you Lizzie!!

Zero Fears

-Olivia J.

"The course made advocating for a physiological birth second nature for me and my husband. We are so grateful for all the knowledge we gained throughout the course and we’re excited to try for number two some day in the future! It will be nice going into another birth worry free and fully prepared to advocate for our baby."

advocacy skills

“It was intense but I did it. At one point I was ready to give up, and I knew it was transition. I prayed for strength to keep going and it was only another hour before baby arrived. There is no way I could have done it without all that you taught me.”

ready to give up

"I feel way more empowered to stand up for myself with your class and our Academy mom group, so thank you!"