Then, I was the second time mom, who again walked into the hospital underprepared only knowing that I wanted to avoid pitocin at all costs. And ended up really having to speak up for what I wanted to get my unmedicated birth because this hospital wanted me in the bed, and on drugs and wasn't going to support a single part of my birth plan. I was on my own.

When I got pregnant with my third and final baby, I was determined to finally have my best birth. When I couldn't have the home birth I wanted I went into research mode. I had just become a doula and I dove even deeper into birth rights, hospital policies, evidence based care, and physiologic birth. And I started early with preparing my body and mind for the birth I wanted.

I was the first time mom who walked into the hospital with nothing more than a huge belief in my body's ability and ended up on pitocin, barely reaching my goal of unmedicated (yes, I asked for the epidural) and only because I had a really hands on midwife helping me through transition.
 I left that birth saying I was never going to give birth again.

medical freedom, bodily autonomy, maternal satisfaction, physiologic birth, and mom intuition.

what I'm all about

All that work paid off. And I had my magical birth experience. And I want you to have that too.

Birth Educator & Business Coach



Katie is a home birth mama and founder of Sun & Honey Herb Co. She is my best friend and biggest supporter.  Katie helps with our monthly NORA restocks. 

Hi there! I'm Kortney - founder and CEO of KP & Co, a mom of 2 young boys, and virtual assistant! In 2020, I was a brand new mom searching for something better than a traditional job that kept me away from my son. That's when I fell into the VA world and never looked back. Running my own business as a virtual assistant has truly changed my life.

When I'm not working with clients, you can find me spending quality time with my husband and two boys, gardening or working on our self built barndominium, or curled up with a good book and a coffee. My family & I call Western Colorado home and we love every minute of it! 


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For ambitious moms who want to grow online by creating and launching a digital offer. Learn my method for “doing it all”... a podcast, online offers, email marketing, social media all in 2-3 hours a day while you prioritize your family life.

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Get Informed

A comprehensive birth education program for moms who want to control the controllable, support physiology and feel confident about their birth plan. This is not your average birth education, you’ll have doula support each week, learn advocacy skills, and become learn how to birth your way.

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-Helene, second time mom

“All my birth goals were achieved. I didn’t have a saline lock put in. Thank you for creating an amazing course that made this birth possible”

-Tatiana, first time mom

“I labored at home and asked to be checked when I got to the hospital and I was 7 cm! From there it was about a 4 hour labor which was very intense but so worth it when baby arrived.”

-Lauren, first time mom

“This was about so much more than an unmedicated birth. I have felt so empowered through pregnancy and all decisions which is a huge turn around from our fertility journey! The work you do here makes a real difference."

-Mary, homebirth mom & doula

“I witnessed my sister have an incredible, beautiful, undisturbed physiologic birth in the hospital. Before attending her birth I’m not sure I believed it was actually possible.” 

-Audie, mom of four

“I have had two unmedicated births and baby 5 is on the way. I’m a little obsessed about learning more and making each birth better!”

-Brittany, first time mom

“Thank you so much for creating Unmedicated Academy! My husband and I were set up for success, even with a difficult and fast first labor”