Part 2 of the homeschool series! In this episode I answer some questions from you about homeschooling. Everything from the fact that you’re already homeschooling as a SAHM, to exactly how much time we spend each day/week on schooling, to the fact that my homeschool kids socialize more than they would in public school. Summary […]

This is the how and why we became a homeschool family. This story is a pivotal part of my life and a big transition on so many levels- one that I am so thankful for. Dreaming of homeschool Sometime when Millie was in childcare, this had to have been 2016 or 2017, I remember wishing […]

Recently I got a message that asked what I thought about a post that said “an unmedicated hospital birth is hardly similar to a home birth”. And you know I am always saying you can have a home birth style hospital birth. So let’s dig into this! I share how I think you can have […]