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“They told me I needed Pitocin”

The biggest mistake in preparing for birth is

too little too late....

The right birth prep will change your birth experience for the better

I see this almost daily in facebook groups, moms are asking about birth prep at 36, 37, 38 weeks pregnant.

But just like a real marathon, the prep for birth needs to start way sooner than that! 

Did you know you should start drinking your red raspberry tea at 20 weeks?! It’s true!

When I got pregnant with my third baby I vowed to do EVERYTHING differently than my first two typical hospital births. And that was how I finally got the birth that I had been envisioning. The biggest difference between my first two births and my last birth was how I prepared. 

The right birth prep helped me to have a faster birth, where I was mentally and physically prepared, and I knew exactly what to do when I finally went into labor to have the powerful and positive birth I always wanted. And I am going to share that routine with you here in the Birth Prep Class

Learn the birth prep routine I did daily for my most positive hospital birth experience.

How to create optimal positioning for a faster labor and delivery.

Get all the unique supports in place that are needed for the unmedicated hospital birth.

All the things you should do now, to help you in birth later.

A pregnancy routine to support your goal of going unmedicated.

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