Do any of these sound like you?

I was so close to my unmedicated birth last time, I just needed more support

I’m a natural minded mama and I want a birth that aligns with my values

My last birth was an induction and I want to do things completely different

I know my body is made to birth, I don’t want the hospital interventions

I really wanted a homebirth, but it’s not an option this time

I’ve never given birth before and have no idea what to expect

It IS possible to walk into the hospital and do birth differently.
But it takes the right support to pull off a home birth style, intervention free, powerful birth in the hospital setting.

So you want an unmedicated birth?


Not your typical birth education for the mom who wants to do birth her way

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Walking into the hospital under prepared leads to birth stories that sound like… 



Up to 45% of new moms report experiencing birth trauma

things didn’t go as I had hoped,
my birth plan went out the window,
or even.. I never want to do that again.

"There's no way I can do this without drugs"

“I got to 5cm and asked for the epidural”

“They told me I needed Pitocin”

we can do birth better

    What keeps us from          achieving our

dream birth?

Don't worry, we are not planning and wishing for a pain free birth. That will set you up to fail as soon as active labor hits. Instead, you'll be prepared for the realities of birth and have a solid plan for managing the intensity of labor. 

Birth is hard. And you can do it, with the right support. 

There are a lot of things about normal physiologic birth that the hospital gets wrong. And it can ruin your birth plan.

Learning the difference between how the hospital does birth and what your body needs is the key difference in getting your unmedicated birth and falling into the typical hospital birth. 

Knowledge is power. And when you know better, you'll have a better birth.

That's just not true.

There are so many wonderful things our body does for you when you support physiology, all to make birth a little easier for you.

When you understand how birth works, you'll feel more confident in your unmedicated birth plan. In fact, some moms say their unmedicated birth was easier because of the benefits from supporting physiology.

now imagine this...

Confident in knowing that you are in charge of your birth

Completely understanding your rights and knowing all the options the hospital doesn’t share

Ready to manage all the stages of labor with a toolkit of strategies

So certain in your birth plan and knowing how to support birth the way birth works best

Supported by your birth partner because they are prepared too

You can walk into your birth

You have MORE control than you think

What if I told you that you can take control of your birth and have a birth experience that feels

positive & powerful

You are a week past your due date, and you have so much belief in labor starting when your baby is ready. You’re pouring yourself your second serving of NORA tea and about to start the miles circuit. And you feel peace knowing that you've been prepping your body for weeks and you have a solid plan to avoid unnecessary interventions and get the positive birth that you’ve been dreaming about since the day you laid eyes on that positive pregnancy test. 

That’s how you want to feel at 41 weeks as you wait for labor to start isn’t it? 

calm, prepared, confident, informed & empowered

At one point I was ready to give up, and I knew it was transition. I prayed for strength to keep going and it was only another hour before baby arrived. There is no way I could have done it without all that you taught me."

"It was intense, but I did it!

Baby girl delivered this morning totally unmedicated in 7 hours with 3 pushes."

"I got my VBAC!

My daughter was born at 10pm after less than 8 hours of labor, less than 3 at the hospital, weighing 10 lbs 15oz!”

"I got my 'home birth'
in the hospital


Welcome to

Unmedicated Academy

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A comprehensive birth education and mentorship for moms who want to be educated, informed and empowered for birth.

module 1

module 2

Gain confidence in your body’s ability so you can surrender to your intuitive birthing knowledge

Understand how physiologic birth works to support your body without medical intervention

Know what to expect at each stage of labor and drop the fear of the unknown

Learn about the cascade of interventions so you can better navigate the hospital setting.

Know your rights and options so you feel confident in advocating for the birth you want.

Understand induction practices so you can support physiology in early labor and beyond.



Learn about the tools and strategies for managing unmedicated birth to get through transition.

Understand the four rules of positioning to help move baby through the birth canal so you can have a faster birth.

How to get through the pushing phase without pushing to help reduce the risk of tearing.

Everything your birth team needs to know to be able to support your birth plan.

Partner support roadmap and advocacy practice so they feel confident and prepared for birth too.

Writing a birth plan and conversations to have before birth so you feel ready for the big day.





I want this!

Feeling empowered at your very next appointment

Knowing what questions to ask and Being the BOss

Confidence and certainty in your birth plan

Being informed of all your options

Say Hello To...

"This first experience of pregnancy has been so beautiful, despite the challenges that have accompanied it. Even in the unknown, I feel confident and unafraid. If you ever need a birth course and want to pursue an unmedicated birth, I 1000% recommend Fierce Lizzie's Unmedicated Academy!"

1000% recommend

"I love your program! There is so much we are not told/taught. I was telling one of my friends about declining cervical checks and she had no idea she could. I've been declining at my last three prenatal appointments and it feels so good to have that knowledge."

knowledge is power

"Our baby boy was born early this morning. I had an unmedicated birth and I have to say it was the hardest, most rewarding experience I have ever had. I'm extremely grateful for Unmedicated Academy. It gave me the tools I needed to make it happen."

Rewarding experience

"I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing program and the help you gave me. We had a successful unmedicated birth on Monday! Baby girl is doing great and labor lasted 15 hours long. It was so helpful to know all of the tools and strategies for when labor got tough."

Unmedicated birth

Exclusive mom group

Weekly Q&A
36 Week Helpline

unmedicated Pregnancy

Newborn Procedures

Wait, there's more

check out these bonuses

Connect with other moms having unmedicated hospital births, get advice, and feel supported inside of our exclusive Academy mom group.

Ask your specific questions and get the support you need each week leading up to the big day.

Learn what to expect in your prenatal care, and the alternatives to the typical routine. 

Everything that happens to your newborn in the typical hospital setting after birth and before discharge. Including the research, alternative options, and how to advocate for what you want.

group support

more support

bonus module

bonus module

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I do offer a payment plan so you can get started now and access all the content for $110/ month for four months. 

Do you Offer any discounts?

Unmedicated Academy has several lessons made specifically for navigating physiological birth in the hospital setting that do not apply to home birth. (But would be great information in the case of needing a transfer or risking out of home birth). The rest of the course revolves around physiologic birth and coping skills, which are needed where ever you birth. 

What if I Am having a home birth?

How is this different than the hospiTal birth class?

Very different! This is not your typical childbirth education. I do not recommend the hospital childbirth education because it generally teaches you how to be the patient the hospital wants. And honestly, if you want a physiological birth in the hospital, you may have to rock the boat a little because most hospitals are not set up to support unmedicated birth.

Best time to enroll is during the second trimester so that you have plenty of time to consume all the modules and bonus content. This also maximizes the amount of support you get inside our exclusive community.

When is the best time to enroll?

Frequently Asked Questions

Have we met yet?

I'm Lizzie

I became a birth worker after my second birth experience. When I look back at my first two births with all the knowledge I have now, I can list so many things that happened that were not supportive of physiologic birth. I still got through to the end without an epidural but they weren't really the powerful births I had always imagined. 

When I got pregnant with my third, I vowed that I would do birth MY way. I wanted a home birth, but it wasn't a possibility for us. I decided to do everything completely different, from conception to postpartum. And I finally got the powerful, hands off, birth experience I always wanted. 

I want that for you too. It's starts with the right birth education, the right support, and reclaiming your power over birth. 

Let's Recap

What's included:

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A comprehensive birth education and mentorship for moms who want to be educated, informed and empowered for birth.

B.O.S.S. Birth Method, Lizzie's signature course framework

Informed Intervention Workshop

Physiological Birth Immersion Kit

Early Labor TIIPS + printable

BYO Birth Affirmations

Labor Research Library

Unmedicated Labor Tool Kit

Partner's Roadmap to Unmedicated

Your BIrth, YOur RIghts

Better Birth Planning Masterclass

Labor Prep Handbook

BONUS: Unmedicated Pregnancy

BONUS: Newborn Procedures

BONUS: Pre-Planning Postpartum

Exclusive Mom Group

Weekly Q&A Session

36 Week Helpline, small group support 

Did I mention it's risk free?

Unmedicated Academy’s Empowered-for-Unmedicated, Total-Birth-Belief, No-Hassle Guarantee

Enrollment in Unmedicated Academy comes with a 100% money back guarantee… but more than that. I promise you will be ready to approach birth feeling prepared and empowered. Your friends may even wonder how you became a birth guru overnight and actually start coming to you with their birth questions. 

As you gain a better understanding of the magic of birth, how to handle interventions, and planning the type of birth experience you want, you will be right on track to have a birth story you love.

If you feel like this course is not a good fit for you, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked, no penalties, no hoops to jump through, baby born, or not. Simply go to your account dashboard and click cancel or reach out to me and I am more than happy to do it for you.

one last thing....

I know how the hospital birth works.. or rather, doesn't work.

I wish I would have had the experience I had with third birth with ALL of my unmedicated births. And I so badly want you to have all the tools you need to take back this birth of yours so that the hospital birth doesn't just happen TO you, and instead you have a really powerful experience.

Even if you don't hit enroll, know that I am cheering for you to have an amazing birth story that you love.

And if you ARE ready to be the boss of your birth, learn how to have a postive unmedicated birth experience, have me as your hype gal every step of the way, and walk out of the hospital feeling on top of the world (although maybe a little bit sore).

I'll see you inside the Academy!

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is power



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