How long do I need to stay after birth? The typical hospital stay for an uncomplicated vaginal birth is 24-48 hours. But you DON’T have to stay that long if you’d prefer to leave early. Listen in to learn exactly what you need to know if you are planning for an early hospital discharge. Summary […]

If you are reading up on birth plans, then I know your birth plan is important to you. You have preferences, desires and dreams for your birth that you want to effectively communicate to your care team. The best way to be sure your birth plan is an effective tool, is to understand its purpose […]

Want to have a powerful and positive birth experience? It’s time to go all in. I have noticed that the moms who start sooner, who bring the questions, who extend their learning- they are typically the most mentally and physically prepared for birth. Listen in for how a recent client of mine made big time […]