And now you need to pay the bills

It IS possible to work less in your business and make more revenue and without having to get childcare.

All while staying home with your kids. 

Whether you have recently started your brand or you are an established birth business, you already know that online offers are key to building a business that will last long term.

you answered your calling for birth work


Coaching for ambitious mothers who want to launch their offer & sell on repeat

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Creating and launching an online offer is the easiest way to help more moms AND make more money. 

Do any of these sound like you?

You’ve maxed out how many 1:1 clients you can take. You are ready to grow your business and your revenue but you can’t possibly add any more clients to your calendar without burning out.

You are constantly giving away free birth advice online and you’d like to leverage your audience and create an online offer in your area of expertise.

You’ve been thinking of creating an online offer for a long time, you just don’t know where to start because all thinking online business is overwhelming.

There’s not a lot of in person clients coming your way and you need to make money in your business so you can stay home with your kids.


hi, I'm Lizzie

Creating and launching an online offer can be the solution to all of those problems

I know because I've done it

After the birth of my second baby, I was propelled into birth work. I tried to go back to my teaching job and lasted 6 weeks. I have always loved birth and had said, more than once, that if I wasn't teaching I'd be doing something with birth. So I did. 
I became a doula. Then I had another baby and being on-call just wasn't going to work in this season of life. Our family couldn't go another year on one income either, so I decided to go all in with my online business because there was no way I was going back to the classroom (and be away from my kids) again. 
There was no option to NOT make it work. I did it scrappy and figured out a way to do both. Stay at home and homeschool my kids, work with women in a field I love, AND contribute financially to my family. 

"I don't have enough followers"

"I don't have time for the business of my dreams"

"there are already so many similar offers out there"

Let me bust that        that just popped into your head…


There will never be an abundance of time. You have to make it work.
I am literally typing up this website with a baby on my lap at 6:32am while my other two kids are sleeping. In 28 minutes I will have to stop mid sentence and pick it up again after a full day of homemaking and homeschooling.
You can run your online business in 2-3 hours a day and see success

Good. That means there are plenty of moms out there who are willing to invest in your offer.
There are 10,000 babies born each day in the United States. There are plenty of women finding out they are pregnant every day, and some of those women know and trust you.
You are unique. You have your own story, experiences, values and you will attract your perfect clients. But of course you have to start.

Here’s the facts… more followers doesn’t mean more sales.
What’s the most important factor for your offer to be successful? An offer that solves a problem, meets a need, or fills a gap in the industry, AND connecting with the audience you DO have.
You’ll be surprised to see that you can grow your audience while you launch too.

now imagine this...

It's 7am and your toddler is awake for the day. You make banana pancakes together, nurse the baby, then get dressed for the day. It's story time at the library, you sing the songs and read the books. Then after you go to the park and your toddler goes down the big kid slide all by herself. You make it home for a quick lunch and a long nap time.  With the baby on the boob you hop on the computer to wrap up your work tasks for the day. You schedule the podcast episode you recorded over the weekend, post a quick reel, then check in on your clients inside your exclusive community. You check your email and you made another sale while at story time because your podcast makes the sales for you while you play with your kids. You finally feel like you have time for both motherhood and being ambitious and it feels so fulfilling.  

Welcome to

Ambitious Birth Worker

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Here is what's waiting for you inside of ABW

  • Micro Mom Business Model
  • Create & Launch your Offer 
  • Weekly Business Coaching
  • BONUS Private Podcast
  • December BONUS: Plan out your 2024 & Quarterly Action Plan
  • January BONUS: Profit by Podcast, how to use podcasts for bigger and better launches

Establish your expertise and stand out online so you can connect with your audience and build relationships.

Master email marketing as part of your funnel to lead prospects to your paid offer.

Launch an online offer and hit your revenue goal, before you even create it.

Build a funnel without ads to continue to sell your offer without big launches.

Learn how to run your business with your babies in tow with simple business strategies to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

how does this sound...

the results

I want this!

showing up with consistency & confidence

having systems in your business so you know what to do

Growing your audience and connecting with ideal clients

launch skills that you can apply over and over again

Say Hello To...

"Lizzie, there is no way I could have done this without you. Well, maybe I could have but not in four weeks and not with this much ease. You have been amazing!"

Launch with ease

I feel SO boss with this. Being in Ambitious Birth Worker has boosted my confidence with the training on establishing our expertise.

Become the Expert

"My course is worth way more than the cost of a cart of groceries. Thank you for helping price my offer, this is why we need business mentors!"

Business MentorshiP

"Thanks for all the feedback… I was not expecting this one on one advice so much… HUGE help!! Already 3x the reels views as yesterdays… 4 hrs after posting!"

Audience Growth

Weekly Coaching

Online community


this is a membership

HEre's what ABW members get access to

ABW is not just another self-paced business course.
It’s a mentorship program with a signature framework for growing and launching plus mentorship and group support. 

Coaching calls every week where you will get individualized support on where you are at in your business.

Meet us in The Mom Office with all your wins, questions, and connect with the other moms in the program. 

Binge your self paced curriculum inside the 'Curriculum Vault' and bonus trainings on the private podcast.

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Did I mention it's risk free?

Ambitious birth workers’ Ready-To-Launch, Complete-Biz-Confidence, No-Hassle Guarantee

Enrollment in Ambitious Birth Worker comes with a 100% money back guarantee… but more than that. I promise you will be ready to approach your business with clarity and confidence. Your friends may even wonder how you brought the business energy, seemingly overnight and start coming to you with questions on how they can launch an online offer too. 

If you feel like this program is not a good fit for you, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked, no penalties, no hoops to jump through, simply reach out to me and I am happy to refund your enrollment



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